Wholesome Living

with Anoop Lal

Being Healthful, Joyful & Successful

For Individuals

Heart Disease Prevention Seminar and  Preventive Cardiology Consultation. Wholesome Living Programme. 

For Enterprises

Stress Management Programmes and Corporate Wellness Consultation. Rejuvenation Retreats.

Wholesome Living Program

Expand Your Horizon, Find the Real You

Wholesome Living is about creating a body that is naturally healthy and vibrant, a mind that is joyful even in situations of stress and a life primed for success and fulfillment. Experience Wholesomeness and be what you were born to be.

Medical Consultation and Evaluation

Nutrition and Diet Planning

Fitness & Energy Efficiency Programming

Creativity and Joyfullness Training

Success Theory & Coaching

Heart Disease Prevention

Cardiovascular diseases are the most common causes of morbidity and mortality and the risk factors appear early on. Taking care of these can easily prevent heart disease.

Workplace Wellness

We spent a third of our lives at our workplaces and the conditions there affect our welbeing significantly. Here lies the importance of Workplace Wellness.

Stress Management

Stress is the single most important preventable mordern day determinant of chronic illnesses. The best way to beat stress is to beat it the fun way!

Cessation and De-Addiction

Smoking, Alcohol and Compulsive Eating are some addictive behaviours that affect health adversly. Getting rid of these are not as difficult as you think.

Impact Enterprising

As an Impact Entrepreneur, Dr. Lal has founded or mentored several enterprises that address pressing issues in the fields of medicine, healthcare and human wellbeing.  These include NGOs, technology platforms, innovation groups, think tanks and enterprises.

Centre for Preventive Health

Dr. Lal is the founder and director of Centre for Preventive Healtha Social Enterprise established to advance research, development and services in the preventive health sciences. The three operational divisions of CPH – Research, Consultancy and Care – work in tandem to develop and promote innovations that can be delivered at affordable costs.

Medical Technology Innovation Group (M-TiG)

The Medical Technology Innovation Group is a global partnership that aims to serve as a think-tank towards developing cutting-edge medical and healthcare technologies that can be made available at costs affordable to individuals and countries.

Free Health Mission

Free Health Mission is an enlightened social movement of philanthropreneurs, medical professionals and technologists that aims at giving healthcare back in to the hands of the people. It’s about democratization of healthcare and humanization of healthcare delivery.

Impact Avenue

Impact Avenue is the leadership development platform of ZOVOZ Technologies, a sustainable technology company based in India and US. The platform functions by working together with individuals, institutions, civil society organizations and partner companies to promote sustainable development in four key domains of Global Impact, with a vision to “Leave a better world for future generations”. The four key domains are Health, Education, Enterprise and Media.

School Health Foundation of India

School Health Foundation of India is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the cause of improving the health and wellbeing of school children in India.


Anoop Lal

Anoop Lal


Anoop Lal, MD, is a Doctor of Preventive Medicine, Stress Management Specialist, Workplace Wellness Consultant, Yoga Exponent and Impact Entrepreneur. A Professor of Preventive Medicine with a Fellowship in Preventive Cardiology, Dr. Lal is also a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist from the Corporate Health and Wellness Association of USA.

As Director of Centre for Preventive Health, Dr. Lal has designed several programs that bring together the best of modern medical science and ancient yogic wisdom to create health, wellbeing and success for individuals and enterprises.


The pilot program conducted by Dr. Lal is the hugely popular stress management seminar called “Beating Stress the Fun Way” during which highly effective concepts that strike at the very roots of stress are explored.

The flagship program is the “Wholesome Living Program” conducted over a period of two days during which methods that totally transform an individual’s health, wellness, potential and performance are taught.

Dr. Lal also conducts annual “Rejuvenation Retreat” for business leaders, which is a seven days program aimed at equipping top executives with what they need to lead their organization to success.

Annual Rejuvenation Retreat for Business Leaders

Rejuv is one of a kind premium rejuvenation retreat for leaders at the top echelons of business.

It’s a comprehensive package that creates a physically mentally and energetically new you.

From complete medical evaluation and advice to establishing a fitness routine and stress-free lifestyle, Rejuv has everything to open up unexplored dimensions within you and take you to greater heights of success.

Led by stalwarts in the fields of health, fitness, nutrition and alternative medicine, Rejuv is a once in a life time opportunity to gear up your body mind and energy to possibilities you never believed existed.

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