Anoop Lal, MD

Healthcare Technologist

Building the Future of Healthcare

  • Healthcare Technology Entrepreneur
  • Medical Robotics & AI Consultant
  • Managing Director at ZOVOZ
  • Medical Director at CareMithra
  • Preventive Cardiologist at CareMithra
  • Sustainable Healthcare Expert

Exponential Technology

Dr. Lal provides consulting services and advanced technology solutions to the healthcare industry by working with state of the art tech companies around the world.

Sustainable Healthcare

Developing exponential technologies is pointless if you can not make it sustainable. Dr. Lal coordinates public health fund raising to make the best of healthcare accessible to all.


Technology for Sustainable Healthcare

At a time when Robotics & Artificial Intelligence are transforming the world, Healthcare must benefit the most, because it directly touches people’s lives.

Surgical Robotic Systems

Rehabilitation Robotics

Service Robotics & Automation

Hospital Management Systems

Telemedicine Solutions

Sustainable Healthcare Approach

Healthcare Technology Consulting

Medical Robotics

Surgical Robotic Systems, Robotic Exoskeletons and Bionic Limbs are transforming the way healthcare is delivered and quality of life is ensured.

Healthcare Automation

Service Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Based Hospital Automation are the next things revolutionising the healthcare industry.

Telemedicine & EMR

Leaps in Telemedicine and EMR Technologies are making remote access the defacto method of sustainable healthcare delivery accross the world.

About Dr. Lal

Anoop Lal


Dr. Anoop Lal is a Preventive Medicine & Public Health Specialist, with a mission to Make Healthcare Sustainable using Exponential Technologies. For this he has founded ZOVOZ Technologies, a healthcare technology company and CareMithra Health Systems, an end-to-end healthcare care delivery platform. The USP of Dr. Lal is expert level command in Medicine Sciences as well as Healthcare Technologies, owing to which he is able to liaise seamlessly with the medical and technology domains to create sustainable healthcare solutions.

Healthcare Technology Blog

Medical Bots are Here to Stay

Medical Bots are Here to Stay

Medical robotics offers a promising future in healthcare, providing advanced technologies that enhance precision, efficiency, and patient outcomes. Far from replacing human care, these robotic innovations serve as valuable tools in the hands of skilled medical...

Anoop Lal Healthcare Technologist

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