Stress Level Calculator

Am I too Stressed? 


Why this Test?

Modern day work as well as life situations are increasingly stressful. Studies have shown that different people respond differently to similar situations of stress depending on their inherent ability to cope with stress. Hence the best way to measure stress is by assessing one’s inner experience of stress rather than external occurrences.

What does it do?

This test is based on the Perceived Stress Scale, which has 10 simple questions and can be used irrespective of where you live or what you do. This was developed by Sheldon Cohen and team and is one of the most accurate tools to measure stress. 

Here I present a digital version of the test which will show you in a matter of minutes, the level of stress you have experienced over the last month. At the end of it you will also receive recommendations from me on how to deal with your level of stress.

How to take it?

For best results, read each question carefully and provide the most spontaneous response that comes to you. Please note that this is not a diagnostic tool. At any time please feel free to talk to me. Consult your local services for emergencies.

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