Medical Research Consulting

with Anoop Lal, MD

Plan, Fund, Publish, Repeat.

  • PG / PhD Thesis Mentoring
  • Career Advancement Program
  • Institutional Project Consultation
  • Multicentric Study Co-ordination
  • Grant Processing and Report Writing
  • Medical Journal Publishing
  • Masterclass – Live Online Training

Research Training

The Medical Research Masterclass is an all-in-one live online training that covers everything from Planning to Publishing, with special focus on Research Funding.

Research Consulting

If you are a student, professional or institution looking to carry out and publish meaningful research, Dr. Lal can provide you with insights and inspiration.


Everything from Planning to Publishing

The Masterclass is everything you need to learn to Plan, Fund and Publish Medical Research Projects of the highest order.

Live Online Training

5 Days, 10 Sessions, 15 Hours

Covers all ‘4 Pillars’ of Medical Research

Live Software Demonstrations

Gamification and Fun

Full Scholarship Option

Special Session on Research Funding

Get Certified

Consulting Services

One-on-one Consultation

Whether you are a student, career aspirant, independent researcher or institution, Dr. Lal can guide, mentor and train you in all aspects of Medical Research including planning, funding, executing and publishing. 


Research Writing

One of the trickier aspect of Medical Research is the writing part, which gets perfected only through years of experience. If you want your writing to make an impact on review boards, funders or publishers, you can hire Dr. Lal’s services.

Research Collaboration

Centre for Preventive Health is a globally accredited research and consultant agency, with which you can collaborate for your institutional research projects. To explore the possibility, just send an enquiry.

About Dr. Lal

Anoop Lal


Dr. Anoop Lal is a Professor of Preventive Medicine, Medical Educationist and Research Consultant in good standing with international funding agencies. Dr. Lal started teaching Medicine in the year 2001 and went on to become Vice Principal of a PG Medical Institute in 2015. In the year 2017 he founded Centre for Preventive Health, a research, consultancy and care organisation focused on the Preventive and Public Health sciences. An avid researcher, Dr. Lal is a consultant to national and international agencies. Throughout his career, Dr. Lal has trained over 5000 medical professionals in research methodology and has been guide to over 300 researchers.

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