Medical Research Masterclass

Online Series with Anoop Lal, MD

Everything from Planning to Publishing

  • Live Online Training
  • 5 Days, 10 Sessions, 15 Hours
  • Covers all ‘4 Pillars’ of Medical Research
  • Live Software Demonstrations
  • Special Session on Research Funding
  • One Month Guidance Group
  • Access to Session Videos
  • Get Certified

For Individuals

Individual researchers and students can enroll for the Masterclass, get trained in Medical Research methods and get certified.

For Institutions

Medical institutions and universities can arrange with Dr. Lal to get their staff and students trained and certified in research methods.

Pillar 1: Research Planning

This is the most crucial phase, where most researchers go wrong..

Pillar 2: Research Execution

This is actually the easiest part, but full of pitfalls to be mindful of..

Pillar 3: Data Management

This is where the magic happens, if you know what you are doing..

Pillar 4: Publishing

This is the Moment of Glory thats often missed by researchers..

Why Medical Research?

The Unique Features

End to End Learning

The age old dictum that highlights the fate of the researcher is ‘Publish or Perish‘. And this fate gets sealed progressively at every stage of the research process, right from the framing of the research question. Hence the end to end learning strategy of ‘Planning to Publishing’.

Pitfalls Approach

Learning of endless theory is no good for the medical researcher who is looking to navigate their project through hordes of other responsibilities. What they need to have is a route map and clear indicators of pitfalls along the way.

Live Software Demonstrations

Hands-on is only as good as what you lay your hands on. As part of the Masterclass, you get to witness and part-take in the demonstration of advanced software platforms used for literature review, referencing, data collection and data analysis.

The Fun Element

Research definitely is serious business, but it need not be boring. With Dr. Lal you learn the most weighty aspects of medical research in an exciting and enjoyable manner.

Access to Session Videos

All participants who attend the mandatory live sessions shall be given access to videos of the sessions at the end of the progam, for a period of one month. This is to cover for any missed sessions due to duties.

Handbook & Study Materials

You will receive pdf version of a meticulously created handbook, which will serve as a ready reckoner that addresses most issues encountered during the research process. Also included are reference documents, proposal templates and a trove of other study materials.

One Month Guidance Group

A WhatsApp group of each Masterclass batch is maintained for a period of one month to discuss research ideas and consolidate the learning under the guidance of Dr. Lal.

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Masterclass Sessions

The five days of the Masterclass are packed with insightful sessions which will ignite your passion for medical reseasrch. Here is an overview of the schedule. Click each day to open.

Day 1 - Setting the Stage

Session 1: Research Protocol – The Blueprint of your Project

Session 2: Research Question – There are always Problems to Solve

Day 2 - Preparing the Plan

Session 3: The Evidence Pyramid – Choosing the Right Method

Session 4: Knowing the Known – Literature Search and Referencing

Day 3 - Executing the Plan

Session 5: Research Ethics – Being Legally Safe

Session 6: Data Collection – Tools, Errors and Biases

Day 4 - Managing the Data

Session 7: Fundamentals of Data Science – Do the Right Analysis

Session 8: Statistical Software – The Joy of Seeing Results

Day 5 - Publishing the Work

Session 9: Report Writing – Knowing What to Tell

Session 10: Medical Journals – Make the Right Impact

Special Session: Funding Fundamentals

Training Program Schedule

The training programs are being provided at 50% discount to promote research in the current scenario. The upcoming schedule of programs is given below. Sign Up now to get the discounts.

Medical Research Masterclass

November 9 to 13, 2020

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Testimonials and Feedback

“Dear Sir, I enjoyed the Masterclass and it was truly a Master’s class!! You were simply superb sir especially because you took the time to connect with us and patiently respond to our queries instead of rushing through the topics. “

Dr. Betsy Joseph, PhD

Periodontist & Researcher

“My heartfelt sincere thanks to you Sir, for all the wonderful sessions for 6 days with lots of insights & further brush of fundamentals knowledge in the research arena. I admire your simple way of delivery of knowledge contents proficiently & more effectively to thed audience.”

Dr. Madhavrao C

AIMS, Guntur

“It was really great. It helped that you explained hardcore research concepts in the most simplified manner. And the tasks that you gave us helped the whole thing sink in. Have already recommended your classes to a lot of people. With Best wishes

Dr. Jerin Thomas

Research Fellow, Taiwan

About Dr. Lal

Anoop Lal


Dr. Anoop Lal is a Professor of Preventive Medicine, Medical Educationist and Research Consultant in good standing with international funding agencies. Dr. Lal started teaching Medicine in the year 2001 and went on to become Vice Principal of a PG Medical Institute in 2015. In the year 2017 he founded Centre for Preventive Health, a research, consultancy and care organisation focused on the Preventive and Public Health sciences. An avid researcher, Dr. Lal is a consultant to national and international agencies. Throughout his career, Dr. Lal has trained over 5000 medical professionals in research methodology and has been guide to over 300 researchers.

Consulting Services

One-on-one Consultation

Whether you are a student, career aspirant, independent researcher or institution, Dr. Lal can guide, mentor and train you in all aspects of Medical Research including planning, funding, executing and publishing. 


Research Writing

One of the trickier aspect of Medical Research is the writing part, which gets perfected only through years of experience. If you want your writing to make an impact on review boards, funders or publishers, you can hire Dr. Lal’s services.

Research Collaboration

Centre for Preventive Health is a globally accredited research and consultant agency, with which you can collaborate for your institutional research projects. To explore the possibility, just send an enquiry.

Contact Dr. Lal

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