Anoop Lal, MD

Sustainable Healthcare Consultant

Building the Future of Healthcare

  • Keynote Speaker on Sustainable Healthcare
  • Preventive Medicine & Public Health Specialist
  • Healthcare Technology Entrepreneur
  • Managing Director at ZOVOZ
  • Medical Director at CareMithra
  • Convenor at Sustainable Healthcare Alliance

Sustainable Healthcare

Sustainability is about making sure that what we have for ourselves is also available for future generations. Dr. Lal liaises with diverse stakeholders to make the best of healthcare accessible and affordable to all.

Healthcare Technology

Dr. Lal provides consulting services and advanced technology solutions to the healthcare industry by working with state of the art tech companies around the world.


Creating Sustainable Hospitals

Dr. Lal follows a 5-step sustainability process for hospitals. Clients have the freedom to proceed until whatever step they want. The five steps are:

Status Quo Analysis

Financial Streamlining

Hospital Systems Re-aligning

Sustainable Sourcing & Disposing

Healthcare Project Funding

Sustainable Healthcare Leadership

Keynote Speaking

Dr. Lal is a globally renowned keynote speaker on topics pertianing to healthcare technologies and sutainable healthcare.

Healthcare Enterprising

Dr. Lal is the founder of two healthcare technology enterprises, ZOVOZ Technologies and CareMithra Health Systems.

Healthcare Partnering

As the founder of Sustainable Healthcare Alliance, Dr. Lal collaborates with stakeholders of the industry to create sustainable solutions.

About Dr. Lal

Anoop Lal


Dr. Anoop Lal is a Preventive Medicine & Public Health Specialist and a globally renowned Sustainable Healthcare Consultant, with a mission to Make Healthcare Sustainable using Exponential Technologies. For this he has founded ZOVOZ Technologies, a healthcare technology company and CareMithra Health Systems, an end-to-end healthcare care delivery platform. The USP of Dr. Lal is expert level command in Medicine Sciences as well as Healthcare Technologies, owing to which he is able to liaise seamlessly with the medical and technology domains to create sustainable healthcare solutions.

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