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Healthcare Technology

Dr. Lal provides consulting services and technology solutions in HealthTech and MedTech to healthcare institutions across the globe, by working with the best tech teams in India.

Healthcare Brand Building

Developing cutting edge technology is pointless if you do not brand and market it successfully. Dr. Lal leads a team of branding and marketing experts who help achieve this.


Simplifying Healthcare through Exponential Technology

At a time when Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Block Chain Technologies are transforming the world, Healthcare must benefit the most, because it directly touches people’s lives.

Telemedicine Platforms

Virtual Clinics and Kiosks

Remote Monitoring Systems

Hospital and Clinic Systems

Websites & Mobile Apps

Healthcare Branding & Marketing

Healthcare Technology Services

HealthTech Consultation

HealthTech is the use of exponential software technologies to find innovative solutions for the challenges in healthcare.

MedTech Consultation

Medtech is the development of smart hadware and intelligent devices for the diagnosis and treatment of  illnesses.

Healthcare Branding

While technology is hardcore science in action, branding is the art of making the technology attractive and appealing to end users.

About Dr. Lal

Anoop Lal


Dr. Anoop Lal is a Preventive Cardiologist, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Healthcare Technology Entrepreneur and Consultant, with a mission to simplify healthcare using exponential technology. For this purpose he has founded ZOVOZ Technologies, a healthcare technology development company and CareMithra, a continuity of care platform. The USP of Dr. Lal is expert level command on all aspects of Medicine AND Technology, owing to which he is able to liaise seamlessly with healthcare and technology professionals to create innovative solutions.

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